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We develop software for energy management and pipe statics. We distinguish ourselves by market-leading solutions and an open, trusting cooperation.

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Energy management

Our energy management software sets standards through innovative approaches to finding solutions, clever automations and high flexibility.

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Logo of IngSoft GmbH


Our industry-leading pipe statics software IngSoft EasyPipe and individual structural design/FEM are internationally renowned.

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02. September 2021

Together against the garbage

Energy management is growing ever closer together with environmental management. This is also increasingly required by law. It is one of many building blocks of the energy transition.


16. August 2021

An sympathatic ear

The number of our customers is constantly growing, and so are the demands on our software. In order to still be able to react quickly and competently, IngSoft has, among other things, expanded its support team.


21. August 2020

Have you really saved energy?

Applying the multidimensional regression in IngSoft InterWatt determines the relevance of influencing variables conveniently at the push of a button. Your assessment of the development of the energy-related performance becomes as realistic as never before.


01. July 2020

A good partner for security

IngSoft operates a certified information security management system


15. June 2020

For all those who want to do it smart

LoRa is on everyone's lips: a radio system that serves for the wireless connection of consumption meters and any sensor technology in a building, a factory site or even a district.