09. August 2022

Reduce your company's carbon footprint

The road to successfully establishing reliable energy and climate management can seem endless – take the shortcut right now: IngSoft has been assisting customers from all industries with the introduction of energy, environmental and/or climate management for 25 years – use this experience to get results quickly.


28. July 2022

IPCC climate report: How can we still get our act together?

On 4 April 2022, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published the third and final part of its Sixth Assessment Report. The new report brings together the work of around 300 scientists from 65 countries. The clear message: the clock is striking 5 to 12. Climate change has long been a reality. The 1.5 degree target is still feasible - but profound, global and, above all, rapid adjustments are necessary to stop climate change.


20. November 2018

Do you already know the novelties of ISO 50001:2018?

The revision process of ISO 50001 has been completed. The English version of ISO 50001:2018 was published in August 2018. The German version can be ordered from Beuth Verlag and is expected to be available in December. Already at the user conference IngSoft informed the participants about the most important changes of this standard. Stay up to date. Put your energy management on a strong foundation.


25. March 2022

Company anniversary: We celebrate 25 years IngSoft

March 24, 2022 is a great day: IngSoft turned 25 years old. Celebrate with us and go on a journey through time: We will review the last 25 years and let you know what the future holds for energy management.


02. September 2021

Together against the garbage

Energy management is growing ever closer together with environmental management. This is also increasingly required by law. It is one of many building blocks of the energy transition.


16. August 2021

An sympathatic ear

The number of our customers is constantly growing, and so are the demands on our software. In order to still be able to react quickly and competently, IngSoft has, among other things, expanded its support team.


21. August 2020

Have you really saved energy?

Applying the multidimensional regression in IngSoft InterWatt determines the relevance of influencing variables conveniently at the push of a button. Your assessment of the development of the energy-related performance becomes as realistic as never before.


01. July 2020

A good partner for security

IngSoft operates a certified information security management system


15. June 2020

For all those who want to do it smart

LoRa is on everyone's lips: a radio system that serves for the wireless connection of consumption meters and any sensor technology in a building, a factory site or even a district.


22. April 2020

The operation on the nervous system went well, the patient is in good health

Our development team is currently working very concentrated and focused on some software innovations for the upcoming release 19.3. Besides some small details that should further relieve you in your daily work, the release also contains very profound changes.


02. April 2020

Certification now only possible according to ISO 50001:2018

Since 21 February 2020, certification may only be carried out in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001:2018. This applies equally to surveillance and recertification audits.


29. March 2020

Public authorities obliged to purchase energy efficiently

On March 18, 2020, the German government adopted the revised version of the General Administrative Regulation on the Procurement of energy efficient services. For the public sector, this means that procurers must always purchase goods and products with the highest available efficiency class as defined by the EU regulation on energy labelling.


28. March 2020

Smart Meter Rollout: Here we go!

In 2016, the law for the digitalization of the energy transition was passed. Three years later the certification of smart meter gateways by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) began. Recently, the third product was certified by the BSI: CASA 1.0 from EMH metering GmbH & Co.KG. The BSI confirmed on 31 January 2020 that the technical requirements for the installation of smart meter gateways are met. Thus the final go-ahead for the rollout has been given.


19. March 2020

New ways to get to know us

The coronavirus is increasingly bringing public and social life to a standstill. For you - our customers and those interested - we are nevertheless available without restriction. Recently, we have also started to offer you online trainings.


12. March 2020

CANCELED: IFAT 2020 is postponed from May to September

New date September 7-11, 2020


27. January 2020

Fatigue check for steel pipes with 5x10^6 load cycles permissible - TM 4-2019 published

TN 4-2019-10152 I.NPF 2 to Ril 877: Fatigue of steel pipes in the pressure range of railway traffic loads published by DB Netz AG


16. August 2019

IngSoft continues to grow

The continuously growing number of employees made additional room capacities unavoidable.


17. July 2019

IngSoft is committed to DIN and CEN

We participate at national level in the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and at international/ European level in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN).


08. May 2019

Time change will end - act now!

From spring or autumn 2021, there will no longer be a change between summer and winter time. At the end of March 2019, the EU Parliament decided by a large majority to end the time changeover.


08. April 2019

One year of DSGVO - what has changed in energy management?

On 25 May 2018, the European Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO) entered into force. The high level of media interest has now subsided, with reports of record fines now and then.


21. March 2019

How IngSoft InterWatt learned to swim

In order to achieve the bindingly agreed climate protection targets by 2050, the transport sector in particular must not be ignored. Almost one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions in Germany (18%) in 2015 were attributable to the transport sector.


25. February 2019

Why Smart Metering Benefits Energy Management

The benefits of the high-resolution values offered by smart metering for energy management are high. IngSoft InterWatt customers can use the supplied 1/4 hour values for their energy management without additional effort.


13. December 2018

E-invoice ordinance in force from November 2018 - Labour savings in energy management

Since 27.11.2018, and since 27.11.2020, contractors have been allowed to issue structured electronic invoices to public bodies. Invoices on paper, by fax or as PDF files without structured additional information are no longer required.


11. December 2018

New Release 18.4 for IngSoft InterWatt available soon

Shortly before Christmas the current release of the software IngSoft InterWatt will be released - with many bigger and smaller Christmas presents for you: New evaluation functions, new features and extensions of the existing functions.


01. October 2018

IngSoft wins enercity AG as new customer

Der hannoveranische Energieversorger enercity AG setzt neuerdings auf IngSoft InterWatt.


13. September 2018

Laying PE pipes on a pile foundation

IngSoft determined the distances of the piles in non-bearing soil.


13. September 2018

Why a CAFM is not sufficient for energy management

Many CAFM applications contain additional modules for energy management. However, these are usually insufficient for professional energy management.


11. September 2018

Klinikum Mittelbaden signs contract with IngSoft

In preparation for the upcoming recertification according to DIN EN ISO 50001, Klinikum Mittelbaden is expanding its energy management.


13. September 2018

Our participation at the Energy Efficieny Fair

This year again we were represented on the energy efficiency fair in Frankfurt a. M. and presented our energy management software IngSoft InterWatt.


29. August 2018

New version of ISO 50001 to be published in autumn 2018

The current and latest draft (FDIS) of the energy management standard ISO 50001 was approved with 100% approval. The ISO standard is expected to be published in autumn 2018.


15. August 2018

Mapping of combined heat and power plants (CHP) in IngSoft InterWatt

How can we support you with the integration of your CHP into IngSoft InterWatt?


15. August 2018

F. X. Meiller GmbH & Co. KG and Goethe University Frankfurt choose IngSoft InterWatt

IngSoft has expanded its customer base.


17. July 2018

Innovations in pattern recognition on energy data

The automatic pattern recognition in IngSoft InterWatt has been extended by some clever functions with the current release. These optimizations relieve you as user even more in the daily energy management.


12. July 2018

SIA 190 software including TechDok D 0263 available

With the calculation module SIA 190 for IngSoft EasyPipe we fully implement SIA 190:2017 including the supplementary technical documentation D 0263.


30. June 2018

Objection deadline June 30: material parameters DWA-A 127-10 draft

Material parameters for all current DWA standards will be bundled in a stand-alone worksheet.


20. June 2018

The three biggest mistakes in energy management

In order to make the best possible use of the potential savings in energy management, the topic requires regular attention by the user. Experience has shown that these are the three most frequently committed errors:


06. June 2018

Optimization of manhole liner produced in 3D printing method

IngSoft determined the wall thicknesses for rectangular manholes.


28. February 2018

IngSoft with an all-new website

We have redesigned our website from scratch. now supports mobile devices as well.