25. March 2022

Company anniversary: We celebrate 25 years IngSoft

March 24, 2022 is a great day: IngSoft turned 25 years old. Celebrate with us and go on a journey through time: We will review the last 25 years and let you know what the future holds for energy management.

Celebrating the company's 25th anniversary: Founder and Managing Director Karsten Reese opens the cake buffet.

From the beginning our heart beats for energy and climate

What began in 1997 is bearing fruit today: Karsten Reese, founder and managing director, was studying electrical engineering in Erlangen at the time. Even then, it was clear to him that he wanted to dedicate his professional life to saving energy and thus also to protecting our climate. At that time, there was no specialized course of study on the topic of energy management. His diploma thesis on the subject of "Energy Controlling for Small to Medium-Sized Municipalities" resulted in the EasyWatt software. The foundation stone of the company IngSoft GmbH.

However, savings potentials do not only exist in the municipal sector. With the market launch of IngSoft InterWatt in 2004, our energy management solution becomes usable across all industries. Industrial, commercial and service companies as well as energy suppliers benefit equally: The use of IngSoft InterWatt not only creates transparency to reduce one's own energy consumption, but also reveals cost savings.

A look back

Karsten Reese remembers: "At the end of the last century, environmental protection and energy conservation were dealt with as marginal issues by individuals at a few companies. Where energy costs accounted for a large share of total costs, there had of course always been mostly commercially motivated efforts to reduce them.

The public sector slowly began to take up the issue. It was not until 2009 that an international standard on energy management appeared, ISO 50001. Then, since the year 2013 or 2014, part of the relief, energy taxes and especially also the EEG levy for German industrial companies were made dependent on the operation of certified energy management systems. While we as IngSoft mostly had to explain the term "energy management" in the first years of our existence, the topic of energy management has become a matter for the management in many places at the latest since the change in political awareness that has occurred in the last two to three years (Fridays for Future) – On average, an organization's energy consumption causes 75 percent of its greenhouse gas emissions."

IngSoft on course for growth

Over the years, we have continuously optimized and developed our software products in accordance with the specified standards and regulations. This is noticeable: With a 23 percent increase over the previous year, last year was the strongest in terms of sales in the company's history. This success is also due to our well-coordinated team, which has now grown to over 50 colleagues. The many years of expertise of our developers, energy managers and civil engineers flow directly into our software products for energy management and pipe statics. We are constantly working on adapting our solutions to the needs of our customers.

This is noticeable - we now count:

200 customers in the energy sector15,000 users35,000 buildings150,000 electricity meters

A look ahead

What's in store for the next 25 years? Karsten Reese answers: "Energy management is currently used as a synonym for increasing energy efficiency - that is, for achieving the same thing with less energy input. If we think the European energy transition through to the end, energy management will take on an additional task: Shifting the timing of electricity consumption. We already have times in the course of a year when Germany could be completely supplied by renewable energy - but also times when this is illusory in the long term at current consumption levels.

If we finally succeed in digitizing the (public) energy system to such an extent that it is possible to determine on an hourly basis who is using how much electricity from which source, the price of a kilowatt hour will depend quite considerably on when it is consumed - also due to enormously rising CO2 prices. In the near future, climate and energy management will grow together - in the sense that climate management will operate with values recorded in a similarly timely manner as energy management. Then, at the latest, the topic of mobility will increasingly become part of integrated climate and energy management."

Sustainability in action

We know what we are talking about. As a company, we also make our contribution: In order to keep our own ecological footprint as small as possible, we use work equipment very responsibly and conserve resources, and as a matter of principle, we only use public transport on business trips.

This mindful approach to our environment has been firmly anchored in our corporate DNA since the very beginning. It is also reflected in our working atmosphere: We maintain an open, fair working relationship that is characterized by mutual support. It is based on long-term cooperation with colleagues, customers and partners as well as individual development. This also results in a knowledge advantage that flows directly into the quality of our products and brings us closer to our fundamental goal: saving energy together.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all customers and partners who have placed their trust in us over many years as a reliable pioneer for more efficient energy management and for a more sustainable use of resources.