For more than 20 years, we have been developing
energy management software.

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Overview of energy management

On this page, we present our products and services in our specialized field of energy management. Detailed information can be found in our independent section. About energy management

Predictive software development for digitized energy management

For more than 20 years, our interdisciplinary team has been developing energy management software. It is in use at numerous customers from various industries as well as public authorities. IngSoft InterWatt is the result of our focused know-how about software development, combined with the expertise in energy management and energy technology. This is how we understand the true challenges and requirements in energy management, and develop suitable applications and features. In doing so, we always have an eye on future potential conditions of your energy management.

Range of applications

IngSoft InterWatt is a sophisticated system that supports you as a user in all phases of energy management. From the preparation, introduction and operating phase to the further expansion phase. You profit from the high degree of automation, innovative approaches like our consumption model detection and numerous functions that leave you with all options open for the future.


For example, IngSoft enables helpful import automation, automatic recording, monitoring and alerting. With the help of our innovative consumption sample detection you can identify irregularities in consumption fully automatically.


You are flexible in terms of data connection via numerous existing interfaces as well as evaluations at all levels (from the individual data series, meter, energy input up to the entire company). In addition, resolutions from minutes to fiscal years are possible, as well as the formation of complex key figures and benchmarks. Consumption as well as costs and emissions can be evaluated in IngSoft InterWatt.

Service and Support

For application-related questions, you can contact our professional, German-speaking Support .  If required, our colleagues will gladly make customized adjustments for you.  In addition, we invite you to join our regular training programs and seminars.


We gladly pass on our decades of experience in digitized energy management through various consultancy activities. In addition, our Managing Director, Mr. Reese, takes up various teaching assignments related to energy management.

Partnerships and memberships

We deal with the topic of energy efficiency beyond our software development. For example, we are involved as members of the DENEFF and participate in the Climate neutrality alliance. Here, you will get further information on our Partnerships.